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São Castro e António M Cabrita na peça Sinais de Pausa

São Castro & 
António M Cabrita

PLAY FALSE | cultural association was founded in 2019 by São Castro and António M Cabrita with the aim of being the representative structure for the authorial work of these two choreographers, collaborating since 2011, as well as to promote the dissemination, production, and research primarily in the area of dance, but also expanding its mission to multidisciplinary projects that encourage the intersection of artistic languages. São Castro and António M Cabrita were awarded the Authors' Prize by the Portuguese Society of Authors for the piece "Play False" (2015) in the category of Best Choreography and were both honored by the Polytechnic Institute of Lisbon with the Silver Medal of Value and Distinction (2016). Among the various initiatives promoted, "The city dances," curated by São Castro at the invitation of the Municipality of São João da Madeira, and the photographic exhibition "Rehearsal for an image" - images of Amália Rodrigues by the photographer Augusto Cabrita - curated by António M Cabrita at the invitation of Teatro Viriato, on the occasion of the centenary of Amália Rodrigues, are two examples of the activity of this association that aims to contribute to the existence of a structure/platform that asserts and values national artistic creation and production, being a vehicle for its international dissemination. The project "Dance and Creative Teaching," which promotes the intersection of dance with curricular disciplines such as mathematics, philosophy, and literature, through theoretical-practical workshops aimed at students from primary to secondary school, is also highlighted. More recently, Play False Association launched an audio story on major digital platforms, from the project for children "The Silence of Saramago," created and performed by Catarina Câmara with original text by Afonso Cruz. Since 2019, Play False has been a member of the International Studiotrade Network, a partnership and exchange network that covers artistic structures from several countries such as Germany, France, Ireland, Finland, Lithuania, and Iceland.

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