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by and with Catarina Câmara

Audience target- from 6 to 10 years old 

José Saramago's books bear the birthmark of nomadic, itinerant texts, which transcend their own history to find themselves in the history of those who read and retell them.

And whoever tells a tale, adds a world.

Starting from two short stories by the author, “A Maior Flor do Mundo” and “O Silêncio da Água”, written for children of all ages, we will explore notions of borders, pleasure and fear, spatial and moral conventions, the aesthetic experience as an ethical compass that guides us through the senses and imagination.

This is a show about the person-child and his desire to give meaning to the world, through the world, creating a world, in a deep rapport and committed to the power of wandering. “Will I or will I not?” is the question that emerges from the silence.

In this year of celebration of the centenary of the birth of José Saramago (2022), we don't want to miss the opportunity to honor the writer and his creative and visionary irreverence, the hallmark of his work. Through the thought and metaphors of dance, it is intended to meet the deepest nature of their stories: the impasses and crossroads of the Human.

“What if stories for children became required reading for adults? Could they really learn what they have been teaching for so long?”– José Saramago, in “The biggest flower in the world” 


©  Carlos  Fernandes



Creation and interpretation Catarina Câmara

Original text Afonso Cruz

Text adaptation - Catarina Câmara

Scenography Wilson Mestre Galvão

Light drawing Cristóvão Cunha 

Original music Gonçalo Alegre

Special Thanks - Francesca Bertozzi


Production PLAY FALSE | associação cultural 

Project direction São Castro and António M Cabrita

Administrative and financial management José Teixeira

Communication  Liliana Rodrigues

Design Teresa Vale

Executive production Hugo Gonzalez

Co-production Centro Cultural de Belém / Fábrica das Artes;
Teatro Municipal da Guarda; Auditório Municipal Augusto Cabrita / Barreiro; Casa da Criatividade / São João da Madeira 

Institutional Support Fundação José Saramago, within the scope of the centenary of the birth of José Saramago 

Support for artistic residencies Estúdios Victor Córdon / OPART, Centro Cultural da Malaposta / Minutos Redondos / Câmara Municipal de Odivelas, Estúdio CAB – Lisbon, Companhia Olga Roriz

This project is supported by 

República Portuguesa – Cultura / Direção-Geral das Artes

project financed by

Logotipo da Direção Geral das Artes


Logotipo das comemorações do centenário de José Saramago
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