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This is our territory… Devastated, apocalyptic, fertile. What happens when we have nothing to say, nothing to observe. How our body reacts to a hostile space  and a physical emptiness of the individual who is fascinated by any extension of himself in any material other than himself. A collection of moments and stories in an ordering and shaping process of reality extending to the imagination, to the physicality of ideas, in a "container" territory ” where the body can easily be abandoned and forgotten. Conquering territory with the body...The body becomes the territory...

Choreography, Interpretation, and Light Design -  São Castro and António M Cabrita 
Music - Hildur Gudnadóttir, Nine Inch Nails and Godspeed You Black Emperor
Technical Direction - João Frango
Support -
  Silke Z.Resistdance (Germany) 
Production (from 2012 to 2016) - Vo'Arte
Support for Artist Residencies - Belém Cultural Center, Quorum Ballet, Move - Rosa Macedo Dance and Pilates Studio (São Miguel, Azores),

StudioTrade - European Network and Pro-Dance


©Augusto Cabrita

©Joana Mendes

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