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Conceived from the monologue The Contrabass, by Patrick Suskind, in this new creation, choreographers São Castro and António M Cabrita, intend to explore the metaphor established between the hierarchy of an orchestra and the organization of society. 

In Um solo para a Sociedade, the two choreographers seek to deepen the reflection on how people occupy a common territory, addressing issues that guide the human condition, such as love, freedom, choice, identity; expanding the gesture as an elaborate and externalized movement of this reflection. The confrontation of self and others, noise and silence, in visible sound in the body. 

A solo before society, the public. A public that observes the individual, an interpreter that observes society.

Concept  - São Castro
Choreography, lighting design and costumes -
  São Castro and António M Cabrita 
Original music São Castro
Additional music - Daniel Bjarnason, Hildur Gudnadóttir, Jean Sibelius,

Jean-Baptiste Lully 
Interpretation - Miguel Santos / Ester Gonçalves 
Acknowledgments Dr. Azeredo Perdigão Regional Conservatory of Music –Viseu 
Production - Play False | cultural association 
Co-production - Teatro Viriato


© António M Cabrita

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