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The physical manifestation of the turbulent phenomenon comprises three phases: a laminar flow, a separation bridge and a subsequent turbulence that is created. Not so different is how turmoil manifests itself in our lives. The physical and emotional experience of disturbances imprints profound changes in human beings. These turbulent dynamics that take us out of the daily flux are unpredictable phenomena that generate chaos and instability in the social web in which we live and that make us reassess or question current norms.  … 

“… I wouldn't be able to have a desire, a hope, anything that represented a movement, not from the will of my complete being, but even, if I may say so, from the partial and proper will of each element in which I am decomposable ." 

Fernando Pessoa - excerpt from text 44 of Livro do Desassossego

Choreography - António M Cabrita, Henriett Ventura, São Castro and Xavier Carmo 
Interpretation - Irina Oliveira, Catarina Grilo, Ricardo Limão, António M Cabrita, Henriett Ventura, São Castro, Xavier Carmo 
Music - Thomas Köner, Richard Skelton, Steve Roden, Oren Ambarchi, Machinefabriek and Piiptsjilling 
Sonoplasty - São Castro 
Costumes - José António Lieutenant 
Light design - Nuno Meira 
Video - Pedro Senna Nunes 
Costumes made - at the CNB atelier under the guidance of Master Paula Marinho 
Co-production - CNB Companhia Nacional de Bailado e Vo'Arte


©Susana Pereira

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