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The way in which this project appears is in itself a bet on the outcome of an encounter. The proposal comes with the premise of a blank canvas on which four creatives will lean, and reveal, little by little, their persona to each other, making this partnership a unique opportunity and a unique challenge, uniting an emerging artistic duo and two dancers from the Companhia Nacional de Bailado. The starting point for this project comes from the simplicity of artistic creation through moments of physical discovery, sharing of criteria, distinct and flexible languages of 4 movement thinkers. The opportunity also arises to establish a partnership between a production structure - A Vo'Arte - and a state artistic institution - Companhia Nacional de Bailado -, which intend to unite tasks and commit to supporting this creative project. Originally, in Latin, the "clean board" corresponded to a wax board on which nothing was written. The expression was taken, by the empiricists, from Aristotle, so they called the state of mind which, before any experience, would be, in their opinion, completely empty and in which everything could be written from the acquired experience. That is, between us there is a blank sheet, devoid of any idea or mutual experience. A simple story about the emptiness of the human mind and the infinite capacities to fill it

Co-creation and interpretation - António M Cabrita, São Castro, Henriett Ventura, Xavier Carmo 
Costumes - Nuno Nogueira 
Scenario - Wilson Mestre Galvão 
Light - Victor José 
Co-production - CNB Companhia Nacional de Bailado - CNB / Vo'Arte


©Christian Schwarm


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