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Only human beings are known for thinking and questioning about a life purpose beyond the basic and simple need for survival. Or the nature of existence itself. what are we  and what conditions us. A journey through the human condition confronts us with our historical and social existence.  The search for a meaning often leads us to the emergence of the articulation between man and his limits, which lead him to what is authentic, but also to what is false. And who better than Shakespeare to talk about mental conflicts, the emotions versus reason or even what is beyond words. Relying on the psychology and human behavior of characters like Lady Macbeth, Hamlet, Romeo and Juliet, Richard III  and reflect on your own issues. Using your words and actions as material for our gestures and movements.

Choreography and Interpretation Concept - São Castro and António M Cabrita 
Original Music - São Castro and António M Cabrita

Additional music - Murcof  “Isaiah I”, JS Bach “Passcaglia in C Minor” 
Production (from 2012 to 2016) - Vo'Arte 
Support for Artistic Residency – Teatro Viriato, Viseu - Portugal Portuguese Contemporary Dance Company Pro-Dança, National Ballet Company

Logo of the 2015 Authors Awards of the Portuguese Society of Authors.


©Fernando Resendes/TM

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