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In 2019, São Castro and António M Cabrita are invited by the Théâtre de la Mezzanine (France) to take on the choreographic direction of the opera Orphée et Euridyce, staged by Denis Chabroullet. In this approach, the director takes advantage of the myth of Orpheus, with the tender and sulphurous gaze that characterizes his theatrical universe: exploration of materials, energy of bodies, infernal machines, his tools are sharpened to accompany Orpheus' journey through the underworld.

A theater of music and imagination, with its appearances and disappearances, pulleys and traps, where the confusion of feelings makes us oscillate between the intoxication of a mad love that hesitates to fulfill itself, and the sulphurous power of darkness that infuses itself every day in the interstices of our real world.

Staging – Denis Chabroullet
Choreographic direction – São Castro and António M Cabrita
Musical Direction – Jean-Marie Puissant
Assistance to the staging – Cécile Maquet
Scenography – Michel Lagarde and Denis Chabroullet
Scenic elements – Thierry Grasset
Light design – Franck Rondepierre
Video – Morgane Viroli
Puppets – Aline Bordereau
Masks – Kinga Sagi
Accessories – Pauline Lefeuvre
Costumes – Roseline Bonnet des Tuve, Marie – Christine Rivière, Monique Dufay, Joelle Maquet, Alice Rochette, Martha Lebars
Intern – Florian Beau
Production – Productions de la Mezzanine
Co-production – Théâtre Sénart


©António M Cabrita

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