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The invitation made to choreographers São Castro and António M Cabrita to create Dido and Eneas came from Luísa Taveira, when she was still directing the Companhia Nacional de Bailado. Considered the crown of the English Baroque Opera, this piece proved to be the perfect challenge for these choreographers, whose artistic language has privileged the experience of the word in the gesture and the sound contained in the body reflected in the movement. This identity triggered a journey through Baroque territory, based on a musical and dramaturgical research developed around this tragic love story. 

A choreographed opera, which intends to be more than a mere illustration of the plot, driven by the short stories that we are composed of.

Direction and choreography - São Castro and António M Cabrita
Dramaturgy assistance - Gonçalo M. Tavares Music "Dido e Eneias", The English Concert & Choir, Trevor Pinnock - Henry Purcell 
Costumes - Nuno Nogueira 
Scenography - Fernando Ribeiro 
Light design - Nuno Meira 
Interpretation - CNB Artists 
Production - CNB National Ballet Company


©Susana Pereira

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