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"Tales of the Abstract", a piece for a younger audience, takes us to one of the most irresistible territories in dance, that of the pure gesture, which interprets itself and opens up to infinite possibilities of movement. between form and emotions, a unique place between the audience and the dancer, where the connection with the spectator becomes unique, fleeting, sincere.
Without an obvious narrative, communication is intensified only through the body that translates a defined theme or concept through movement.
The gesture does not want to be a word, it just wants to be an intention.
Abstract dance builds, destroys, reconstructs and thus frees itself from time and form, allowing us to find new places of human essence.

Author and direction - São Castro and António M Cabrita 
Texts - Paulina Santos, Carla Pereira 
Voice  - San Castro
Cast - Brent Williamson Carla Pereira Catarina Lourenço Elsa Madeira Isabel Frederico José Carlos Oliveira Maria João Pinto Mariana Paz Marina Figueiredo Mário Franco Paulina Santos Sílvia Santos
Production - CNB National Ballet Company


©António M Cabrita

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