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The audience enters a dark space. In the center of this space there is an object with 1.60m in height and 50cmx50cm in width. In this box inhabits a body confined to this small dark space. A place overshadowed by the lack of light. The body dances. This project was born from the desire to take the “dancing body” to a place outside the common context of the show. This will gives rise to an installation that allows the viewer, in a 1 to 1 ratio, to perceive a hologram of a dancer inside an apparently empty box. A body contained in a forgotten object box in the center of an empty space. The object body. The lost body. The soul in body. The Ego in shape.Loop.

This installation was created with the support of Festival Indie Lisboa.

Concept  -  António M Cabrita
Choreography and Interpretation  - São Castro
Sound design - São Castro
Scenic Element -  António M Cabrita and João Frango
Construction - Manuel Vitória
Supports - Municipality of Barreiro, Indielisboa and Vo'arte


©António M Cabrita

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