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5280 feet



Walk on foot

tap the foot

Here at the foot

standing back

from foot to hand

the foot in the ring

a sock

fall standing

on the warpath

with feet of wool

down to earth

feet together

Always standing

on an equal footing

With how many feet do I discover the world.

Start with 5,280 feet”


5280 feet is the new creation of Companhia Jovem de Dança de Ílhavo, an initiative of the 23 Miles cultural project in collaboration with Heurtebise Associação Cultural under the coordination of choreographer, dancer and creator Luiz Antunes. This is a project to meet the dancers of dance schools in Ilhavense, which started with the creation “A ria gela de das marges”, in 2020. The challenge of the 2021 edition was given to the duo São Castro and António M Cabrita.

Choreography and direction  - São Castro and António M Cabrita

Dancers -  Ana Ferreira, Constança Silva, Francisca Fernandes, Inês Ramalho, Inês Sarabando, Maria Dias, Matilde Taveira and Rosa Ramos

Creation and musical direction  - Henrique Portovedo

Orchestration - Paulo Gravato

Musicians - Andrés Pérez (percussion), Lucas Ramos (saxophone), Carla Moreira (Trumpet), Gabriel Teixeira (Percussion), João Pedro Mendes (Bass Clarinet), Maria João Balseiro (flute), Ricardo Afonso (horn), Rodrigo Sarabando ( Oboe/Corne English)

costumes  - Diogo Saraiva

Artistic coordination/training  - Luiz Antunes

Publicity photography - João Roldão

Production - 23 miles and heurtebise

Supports  - WETUMTUM, Bairrada Music Conservatory - Bairrada Arts School  


project in partnership with Casa do Povo da Gafanha da Nazaré, FulldanceStudio and IP Arabesque schools

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