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by and with Catarina Câmara

Dancer and choreographer Catarina Câmara, in collaboration with musician Gonçalo Alegre, adapts the dance and theater piece "O Silêncio de Saramago" into an audio-story. Based on Afonso Cruz's text and inspired by José Saramago's tales, the original work invites children from the age of 6 to enter Saramago's universe, exploring notions of border, pleasure, fear, and aesthetic experiences. The adaptation seeks to make the story accessible to a broader audience, to be enjoyed at home, with imagination as the guide. The challenge was to translate a multisensory show into a sound format, filling gaps left by the absence of physical movement. Gonçalo Alegre, responsible for the sound design, helped transport the atmosphere of the play to the audio-story, enriching the narrative with sounds and music. The initiative, both in the play and the audio-story, provides an artistic and educational tool, stimulating children's sensitivity and imagination for the arts.



Creation and Voice –Catarina Câmara

Original text -Afonso Cruz

Adaptation of the original text - Catarina Câmara

Original music -Gongori

Sound design –Gonçalo Alegre

Production -Play False | Cultural association

Project direction and management –Sao Castro and Antonio M Cabrita

Administrative and financial management -José Teixeira

Communication - Liliana Rodrigues

Design –Teresa Vale

Photography -Augusto Cabrita Filho

This project is funded by 

General Directorate of Arts / Portuguese Republic - Culture 

project financed by


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