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curatorship SÃO CASTRO


A Cidade Dança, an event that since 2019 has been promoted by the Municipality of São João da Madeira, curated by São Castro, marks the World Dance Day every year, in April, with a program dedicated to this artistic expression. With proposals of shows, exhibitions, talks and workshops in the professional or recreational domain, in various spaces of the city, there are several artists and structures in the field of dance creation and production invited every year, both national and international, as well as the city artistic structures, dedicated to the craft of the body.

April 28

DANCE IN THE FACTORIES  //  a collaboration with Industrial Tourism

8:45 am - CIS | Industrial Equipment Company

10:00 am - Faurecia

11:15 am - Design and Footwear Academy

12:15 pm - Viarco

14:00 - Project ID

15:00 - Mariano Shoes

16:30 - Belcinto

  //  in 1st, 2nd or 3rd cycle schools 

April 29

URBAN PRESENTATIONS  //  18:00 - Municipal Garden

- Warehouse 4

- Gymnasium School of Dance

- Club A4

- CDN - Northern Dance Conservatory

- Turning Point School of Dance

- Be Dance School of Dance

SHOW "LOWLANDS" by Helder Seab ra | unstable company  // 21:30 - House of Creativity

April 30th

WORKSHOP WITH JULIE ANNE STANZAK (Wuppertal Tanztheater Pina Bausch dancer)

10:00 am - 12:30 pm - Torre da Oliva

Price - 10 euros

Capacity - 30 participants

Target audience - m/16 with or without dance experience


URBAN PRESENTATIONS  // 16:30 - Footwear Museum (outdoor)

- Liliana Leite Ballet Academy

- Movimentarte Dance Group CCDR FDV

- Culture and Sports Center - Latin Dances

- Culture and Sports Center - Hip Hop

- Friends of the Dances - Afro-Latin Dances


FILM / DOCUMENTARY EXHIBITION  // 18:00 - Palace of Culture

Film / documentary about the work of Pina Bausch 

Conversation with Julie Anne Stanzak | moderator Luiz Antunes

(a partnership with CINE SÃO JOÃO )  


1st May


11:00 am - 12:30 pm  -  olive tower

Price 2.50 euros 

Capacity - 30 participants

Target audience - adults with children


SHOW  "A CAMINHADA" by Bruno Alexandre - show for children // 17:00 - Casa da Criatividade

Post-show conversation with artists

A CIDADE DANÇA is an event promoted by the Municipality of São João da Madeira and PLAY FALSE | cultural association, with an institutional partnership of Portuguese Republic / Ministry of Culture, within Garantir Cultura programme. 

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